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My artistic research is based on observation, reflection, the solitude of thought which is then shared so as not to implode. My investigation is based on the research and transmission of emotions, emotions that transpire from bodies, from architecture, from nature, from the eternal feminine: emotions that I seek in the observation of the world that lives around me. And the challenge is precisely that of recognizing them, the emotions of others, through that "container" of passions that is our body, a carnal epiphany at whose borders the most intense emotions and experiences flow, such as that of life and death. And this is why I live from experience, denied or shared, because a reflection always arises from an experience, from a desire for understanding and renewal of thought. Even a reflection arises from an emotion. The human being and the evolution that he has undergone has made the soul and the psyche similar to a cage, to a muffled wall, a vacuum container that imprisons and mixes the elements present in it into dangerous mixtures. The passage of time corresponds to the crowding of instincts and emotions in the prison that man builds for himself and the only sensations that transpire from that grip are panic, lack of air, strength, anger, energy and the repression of instinct until man becomes the potential killer of his essence, of his identity. With my research and my art, I have given myself the task of absorbing the "cries" of humanity and then transforming them into "whispers", convinced that man is capable of finding a language to shout out the lost peace and to evoke the promised peace.

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