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Patrizio Alviti  was born and lives in Rome. He started painting at a very young age . In painting he found a way to express himself, and later made a vocation of it to pay for his university studies.


This was an important phase, during which he experimented, studied and measured himself with various techniques, such as oil painting, mosaic, fresco and decoration. However, he never stopped developing the particular research which is peculiar to all his work: the interaction between the expression of one's inner self and society, which embraces each individual. His favourite technique is watercolour painting. This gave birth, aside from watercolour paintings, to more complex works, which were always part of projects and collections he realized with utter expressive independence.


His strength is in  projects, a blend of shapes and colours which tell stories and involve the viewers, inviting them on a journey into emotions.



In 2004 he became art director of MIA - Meet In Art, an Association for cultural promotion.


In 2010 he founded, between his brother Cristiano, the brand Officina Alviti - the luxury made. Officina Alviti ( is a studio of painting, sculpture and mosaic for interior design. 


“The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.” 

Pablo Picasso 
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