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Patrizio's works are imbued with an aura of melancholy and secretly cry to the need for man to finally achieve a social freedom that coincides with freedom of expression free from the fear of being judged and put aside if you do not homologate at the thought and to feel common. A strong passion hangs over each canvas, determined for all that is life and there is no creation that does not derive from the careful study of the movements of individuals because, as Patrizio points out, the body does not lie and the physical representation therefore echoes the sincere description of feelings. You want for the introverted character, you want for a shyness that has accompanied him for a while, Patrizio has spent long years of introspection to observe and study himself and the external reality that surrounded him, developing not only the sensitivity necessary to recognize the states different moods but also the ability to describe them. Music, Patrizio's inseparable travel companion, has played and continues to play a fundamental maieutic role in his life and artistic production, being the "instrument" par excellence capable of listening to his most intimate sensations, until they emerge in surface and then explode into creations that are a distillate of feelings and emotions. It is no coincidence that the artist likes to call himself an "emotional accumulator", a sponge that imbues himself with everything that surrounds him and then returns, squeezing, all its condensed and mixed content in a few simple gestures and traits that transform the canvas into a vortex of passion and yearning. From the beginning, painting was a spontaneous act of liberation for Patrizio, a shooting, an explosion of subjects that often materialized in trees, bodies, arms, water, wind, architecture and backs. Some works, on the other hand, are a sort of social journey within different human contexts, with a gaze cast in particular on Beauty and the way everyone has to deal with it. Watercolor, a dull noise in silence, is Patrizio's favorite medium of expression, which over time has nevertheless experimented with the use of pure materials such as iron, cement and stucco for works dominated by the absence of color where everything is natural, without some artifact. "Big dreams need a big heart." So, often, Patrizio repeated himself and certainly his is a huge heart capable of welcoming the nuances of existence within himself, reviving them in an artistic form.

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